Guide to understanding me

  • The risk of being hurt


    I live to allow myself the risk of being hurt.
    By my standards it is a risk worth taking.

    Some will call me crazy.
    And they are right to.
    I am.
    Out of their control,
    still in control.

    It it my choices to make.

    Allowing myself to flow.
    To see what happens.
    Follow the leads of life,
    and respect the signs.

    Attentive to the improbable,
    they are the hints within chaos.
    Letting the dots connect.
    Astonished with the ever expanding extend of my understanding,
    and love.

    I accept the challenges with perseverance,
    fearless and foolish.
    Embrace new understanding and truth,
    even when it cuts through my heart.

    Everything for the right reasons.

    Stepping into the unknown.
    Eyes, heart and soul wide open, receptive.
    Every step with uncertainty,
    and strong conviction.

    I will never give up,
    and still admit when I have lost.

    Loosing is not as bad,
    as dying with out trying.

  • The flow


    Surely something is trying to show us something. It is undeniable! Just look at the signs. They are everywhere. And even when it is right in front of us, written in flashing big red capital letters, sometimes we still doubt it. We have been taught to doubt when something seems to good to be true.

    We were flowing and the streams of immense energy were gathered to take us on a journey into another dimension. And with eyes turned to each-other, we surrendered in amazement. We knew. Everything.


    Before doubt set in we had no option but to flow. The problem is, that eventually doubt will force its way in and on that day, you may think that you have put yourself in a place where you cannot allow yourself to keep flowing. Because of fear, confusion, doubt and even plain responsibilities. And all of these things are as real as the flow though born out of chaos instead of peace. At that point you have to choose your path carefully. It will have consequences for the rest of your life.

    So listen to your heart and your heart alone. Trust it. It carries the shared wisdom and requires only courage. It is your heart and It will not lead you astray.

  • My heart beats


    My heart beats for life itself. To keep all kinds of scum and desperate greed at bay. For a bit of decency and honesty between people. For a future full of life with endless possibilities and experiences². For a world where people thrive and dare trust each other and themselves. For new winds that will bring us forward and fill us with hope and the will to build new bridges - bridges that will last longer than a pretty photograph and bring us closer, together, to where we come from and what we already have.

    My heart beats for the sun, the moon and all the stars, because they remind me that life is bigger than the here and now. The birds and the bees because they live their lives without regard to their friends' profile on facebook - because they just are who they are and get the best out of it.

    My heart beats because I'm happy for every moment. Because I believe in a better day tomorrow and an even better day after that. Because life is what you make of it, no matter where you are at and because we still have so much to achieve.

    My heart beats. Over and over again. And hope lives.

  • Which way to fall


    So many pros, so many cons.

    So many paths, so many options.

    So much knowledge, so little wisdom.

    Balancing on a knife's egde.

    It is time to let go.

    A madras or an unknown void.

    Which way to fall?

    It has never really been an option to choose the madras. I just tend to choose the void ... because the void has never-ending possibilities.

    I suppose I'm just gathering enough strength to make another jump into the void. Taking another big chance just because I believe in it. I guess that's all that matters. That I believe in it!

    I suppose some might say that I am only making my life more difficult. So why don't I save myself the trouble and choose the easy way out?

    I don't, because I don't want to contribute to the easy-way-out-society. I think we all deserve better.

  • Exactly one year ago


    On this date exactly one year ago, I left Denmark in a sailing boat without knowing where I'd end up or what I was doing for that matter.

    Around this time of day we had reached Køge Bugt and we were on the way. Honestly ... I was very happy, very, very happy. Because now we were finally on the way and this thing that was kind of unreal, was becoming real.

    I remember that I hardly slept the night before, that my mind crawled with questions and too few answers. I remember that during the night I thought the weather was too rough and that maybe we would not be able to leave and it troubled me. Because I was scared of what I was about to do but also scared of not doing it.

    I knew that I had to do it ... and so I did. With a little help from my friends. It is amazing to think back on this day. To see how much it has changed my life and at the same time to see how much has remained the same.

    I don't know who would have thought I'd end up here ... I was trying not to have too big expectations. And I am amazed - it almost makes me cry to think of the experiences I have had until now. The reality of what seemed unreal ... still seems unreal.

    I wish that everybody could have a day like this and I know that the 7th of August 2002 will remain one of the biggest days of my life for a long time to come.