Attempted poetry

  • Bewildered


    You flashed before my eyes.
    Again, just a glimpse.
    Like a feather, with the weight of life.
    I stalled. I wondered.
    What does it mean?

    A swoosh of longing.
    I can't think.
    Your light is still in my eyes.
    The stubborn silhouette, refusing to dim.
    Just do what?

    You might be a witch for all I know.
    In hiding.
    Thank God for all the witches.
    And the places to hide.
    Did you fall on purpose?

    It is blurry. So am I.
    There is more to reason than rationale.
    More to you than pretty smiles.
    Perhaps I shouldn't ask.
    Is there more to me?

    There is a void. Inside me.
    I meant to catch you.
    There is so much I mean to do.
    And I still wonder.
    Why do you flash before my eyes?

  • My heart beats


    My heart beats for life itself. To keep all kinds of scum and desperate greed at bay. For a bit of decency and honesty between people. For a future full of life with endless possibilities and experiences². For a world where people thrive and dare trust each other and themselves. For new winds that will bring us forward and fill us with hope and the will to build new bridges - bridges that will last longer than a pretty photograph and bring us closer, together, to where we come from and what we already have.

    My heart beats for the sun, the moon and all the stars, because they remind me that life is bigger than the here and now. The birds and the bees because they live their lives without regard to their friends' profile on facebook - because they just are who they are and get the best out of it.

    My heart beats because I'm happy for every moment. Because I believe in a better day tomorrow and an even better day after that. Because life is what you make of it, no matter where you are at and because we still have so much to achieve.

    My heart beats. Over and over again. And hope lives.

  • trouble is


    trouble is

    trouble was

    lies have become truths

    even I believe

    and I should be the last

    to expect them to believe in me


    I believe

    in the future

    things will change faster

    than lies can follow

    and in their attempt

    they will suffer



    die alone

  • Mit hjerte slår ...


    Mit hjerte slår for livet. For at holde alskens afskum og fortvivlende grådighed på afstand. For en smule anstændighed og ærlighed imellem mennesker. For en fremtid fyldt med liv med uanede muligheder og oplevelser². For en verden hvor mennesker trives og tør stole på hinanden og på sig selv. For nye vinde, der vil føre os fremad, fylde os med håb og viljen til at bygge nye broer - broer der holder længere end et kønt fotografi og fører os tættere på hinanden og det vi kommer fra og allerede har.

    Mit hjerte slår for solen, månen og alle stjernerne for de minder mig om at livet er større end her og nu. For blomsterne og bierne, fordi de lever deres liv uden at skele til deres venners profil på facebook - fordi de bare er dem de er, og får det bedste ud af det.

    Mit hjerte slår, fordi jeg er glad for dagen i dag. Fordi jeg tror på en bedre dag i morgen og en endnu bedre dag efter den. Fordi livet er hvad man gør det til, uanset hvor man er nået til, og fordi vi stadig har så meget at nå.

    Mit hjerte slår. Igen og igen. Og håbet lever.

  • Dilemma


    I wish my thoughts were clear but they are not

    I wish my thoughts made sense but they don't

    Maybe I really don't want the wishes to come true

    Because I am scared of what I'll find.

    I feel an energy that consumes me

    An energy that fills me up

    Leads me

    To an unknown destination

    Of good

    In a way I don't understand

    In a way I am not sure I can handle

    Involving matters that make me uncertain

    Matters I find hard to see the meaning of

    And I am afraid of loosing touch

    With the feeling

    And I believe the feeling

    Comes from following the feeling

    And I am trying

    But confused

    By the many options laid out before me

    For I know not what is right

    Even though I know