• Istanbul layover, destination Entebbe.

      • Istanbul, Sabiha Gokcen Airport

    A sharwama burger with fries, please. Clearly an international hub with all cultures equally represented, which is clearly seen when it comes to queuing. That concept seems to be completely lost on some people ... I don't know if that is a positive thing.

    On a different, and slightly more relevant note, my power supply is dead. And this "international" airport doesn't have a single electronics store.

    Not entirely sure what to think about this first stop on the trip - split between panic and fuck-it-ness :)

  • Good morning, Dubai

      • Dubai International Airport, Terminal 2

    It's way past bedtime and we have another 4 hours before our next plane.

    I have successfully spliced the broken coord of my power supply and attemptted to nap sitting up. Hoping to find new power supply, when we are allowed to check-in.

  • Touchdown Uganda

      • Entebbe International Airport

    As we got closer to Uganda the landscape below us got increasingly green. I am guessing Lake Victoria is the difference, but what do I know. The rain season just ended and you can tell.

    We are now filling out forms to enter Uganda. It is relatively simple, just the usual questions, like where have you been, where are you staying, are you sick. The visa application is as simple as bringing USD 50 - no further questions asked.

  • Jaspers house

      • Makindye, Uganda

    We were picked up by Patrick in the airport and after about an hours drive through tight traffic we arrived at Serena Hotel in Kampala, where Patrick is attending a charity concert. This is likely one of the most exclusive hotels in Kampala - a staggering difference from the street outside the gates. Half asleep, we were hanging out in the bar for a few hours, chit-chatting with some locals, before getting on our way again.

    We have now arrived at Jasper Aligawesas house. This is home for the next 2 and a half weeks.

  • Tank Hill Road at night

      • Tank Hill Road, Kampala

    We are getting late night rolexes and kicommandos (pronounced chi-commando) on Tank Hill Road. Rolexes are a rolled up chapati with a two fried egg omlette, a few slices of tomato and cabbage. Kicommandos are chapati and beans, possibly fried egg - to provide a fully nutritious whole day meal. I dig the rolexes. They are freshly made on the charcoal hotplate while you wait. It goes at about 1-2000 shillings - less than $1.

    The kicommandos and rolexes are the poor mans food, but it tastes absolutely delicious. It is also considered unsuited for us, as we shouldn't be eating "garbage".

    Image: The chef