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    Leaving Lynetten

      • Lynetten

    Leaving Lynetten. Weather is great. With this speed we'll get somewhere fast. Funny feeling leaving all the people on the quay behind. The Journey has begun.

  • Observing Stevns Klint

      • Sydlige Øresund

    Lying around Stevns Klint trying to catch some wind. The wind is changing direction all the time. On occasions the arrow just takes a 360 spin. We're moving with about 1,5kn but the weather is beautiful and we're just taking it easy. Fishing, reading, listening to music and lying in the sun. I'm sure this will make us better human beings.

  • Out of sight

      • The Baltic Sea

    The Bridge (Øresundsbroen) has finally disappeared in the horizon, we made it. We have gone further than the eye can see.

  • Cruising past Møns Klint

      • Møns Klint

    The wind is back. Approximately 5ms. Going 5 knots, heading for Klintholm as our destination for the day. Right now we're cruising past Møns Klint. What are the white cliffs of Dover doing here?

    We named the inflateable crock we've been dragging after the boat all the way. He is now officially called Troels.

  • Klintholm Havn, the end of day 1

      • Klintholm Havn

    Got into Klintholm Havn. Tired, hungry ... must eat, must sleep.

    Today I have sailed further than ever before. Tension is being released. I am on my way.