I'd stay home if I could
... but I can't

  • Image: AUUCHHH!

    A Siquijor witch

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      • The witch in Maria, Siquijor

    We went to visit a witch in the back country of a town named Maria. I didn't get the name of the witch.

    She did a thorough and very painful massage of my toe, and the driver and now also interpreter, Jerry, told me nothing was broken, and that it now needed to rest. I was given a stack of leaves to squash and wrap around my toe during the night, to help the healing process.

    Payment is purely donation based. You decide.

    Leaving the witch, it hurts seriously, but in a somewhat less troubling way. It is nice to know nothing is broken.

    Regardless of witchery working or not, this is truly a magical island.

  • The bulo-bulo girl

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      • The bulo-bulo girls home

    First I went to see the bulo-bulo girl. She lives right down the street anyway, so why not. She is performing healing through cleansing. Using a glass of water, a straw and a black stone she draws any impurities from the patient into the water, until all impurities are gone and the water remains clean.

    The bulo-bulo method originates from this island, and has been used for centuries, possibly even millennials, as the Philippines is believed to have been populated as far back as 67000 years ago.

    It only took about 5-7 minutes and clearly relieved the pain, at least for a while. If anyone wonders, ... no, it didn't miraculously cure my blue-yellow-red toe in an instant. However, from my point of view it did seem to provide an aid in the natural healing process.

  • Auch! and the Island of the Sorcerers

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      • Islanders Paradise, Siquijor

    Yesterday I twisted or dislocated something in my left big toe, running in the shallow mid-tide water on the beach (no, not running-running, just fucking-around-running). It hurts like a motherfucker.

    I have also come to know that I am on "Island of the Sorcerers" and "The Island of Healing". It turns out, Siquijor is known for black magic, witches, sorcerers and is particular good for healing, and with my foot hurting badly, I had a perfectly good reason to seek one or two out and have them take a look at my foot.

    (Yes, it is a photo of my foot - deal with it)

  • Image: Terrace view

    Islanders paradise on Siquijor

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      • Siquijor

    This seems like a near perfect place to work. Our hut is right on the beach, and the hammock is inviting me for several days of uninterrupted writing and coding bliss.

    I'll keep quiet and get on with it ...

    Image: Beach

  • A wave and a roll

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      • Philippine Sea

    Fortunately I don't have a tendency for sea sickness otherwise this would be the perfect occasion. We've had a nearly perfectly sideways wave-rolling ride, tossing the small ferry a good 60 degrees back and forth for about an hour now. Topping it off with knowledge of small ferry accidents in the Philippine Sea adds up to a less the pleasant experience, though it really is just a matter of holding on and keeping calm :)